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Division Street Music Rental Purchase Program:
We can help start your child’s musical experience off on the right note with our rental purchase program. We at Division Street Music know the value of music in a child’s life and are committed to supplying your child with a quality name-brand instrument for an affordable price on our easy and affordable rental purchase plan.

Renting vs. Purchase
Renting an instrument is a great start to introducing a child to music. It gives them the opportunity to try an instrument for a short period time for an affordable price. While renting, you are not committed to buying an instrument. You can stop the rental at any time by returning the instrument. Our rental program also allows the flexibility for a child to change their mind during the rental and exchange to a different instrument. If your child enjoys the instrument and wants to continue, you can keep renting and acquire money toward the purchase of an instrument by renting on a monthly basis.

How Our Rental Program Works:
Step 1: You select an initial rental trial period. Step 2: If your child enjoys the instrument, you can continue to rent the instrument monthly on the rental purchase program. This is where you can acquire money toward the purchase of an instrument. You also can return the instrument if your child is not interested in continuing.
Step 3: While you are continuing to rent on a monthly basis, you can receive a special discount price if you are to purchase at any time during your rental.
Step 4: We have upgrade instruments available for purchase if your child is ready to play an intermediate or professional instrument.